Tropical island, breathtaking nature, and romantic sunset. Bali has EVERYTHING to make you fall in love. And for me, Ananda (MUA @anandachristie) and the lucky couple, Ribka and Andrew, Bali definitely made us feelin' all those butterflies.

Last October we flew to Bali for the pre-wedding giveaway full day photoshoot session. They met in Malaysia during their university years, but they are currently living in two different countries. So our Bali trip is their reunion after months! I love how they prepare everything so meticulously. Ribka rented dresses and brought the bouquet from Jakarta. My personal favourite is the silk chiffon dress she got from Jennifer Tjhin (@jennifer.tjhin) that she wore for the sunset in Seseh Beach. I heard it's the designer's own wedding dress! No wonder it's so heavenly. Plus, the white dress she rent from Bisou Attire (@bisou.attire) is no less adorable. Andrew's outfits are also very well prepared and match Ribka's perfectly.

Most importantly, I am very happy that they clearly enjoy the photoshoot. As the bride said,

"At the end of the day, we always remind ourselves to enjoy the process whatever the outcome may be, because wedding is only a celebration that lasts for a few hours. It is the marriage that lasts a lifetime."

For location, we decided to shoot in Serangan Island, Villa Blanc, and Seseh Beach. For Serangan and Seseh they ask for location fee for around 250.000 IDR.