First of all, I want to say thanks to all of you who has become part of my photography journey so far. 2017 has been an adventurous year for me. I met many creative people from all over the world, travel to new places, and did things that I wouldn't have imagined before. It's all thanks to photography! Instagram has been a great platform to share and connect, but lately, I have this urge to write and share certain things with all of you, and Instagram is just not the best platform for it. So finally, in this debut post, I am very excited to start writing again.

The first time I was in Hongkong, I went for the shopping malls and Disneyland. This time round, I came back to see Hong Kong's itty gritty and local affairs. I was amazed by its density, its architecture, and how everything is coloured in pastels. The weather isn't exactly being friendly, it was rainy so hard when I arrived, and continually doing so until my second sunset in Hongkong. But our packed schedule prevented us from chilling inside the mall and sipping Hongkong milk tea. We keep on roaming around Mongkok and Saiwan while the rain pours mercilessly on us.

My most interesting find in Hongkong is a fountain in Shek Kip Mei Park that used to be Jackie Chan's Police Story 2 shooting location. It was so hard to find this park because we impulsively went to Shek Kip Mei station without researching where is the exact location. After a lot of running (it was 20 minutes before sunset), asking locals, and hiking, we found this pink oasis. The water was dried out when we arrived there, so it looks like an abandoned place. I'm not gonna lie, it looks a bit eerie in the dark. Thankfully, before the darkness took over, we still had a little time to explore it. There are some fitness equipment for the elders (how cute) and lots lots lots of pink stairs. I'm not sure why they design it like that, but this place really have an otherworldly qualities that I like. Scroll for lots of photos I took there!

For you who are interested to visit it, use this address so you don't need to be lost like me

Jackie Chan's Police Story 2